Leyton Orient- Restoring The Essence Of The O’s


What a week it has been- from the perspective of a Leyton Orient fan. Following the takeover from Nigel Travis last Wednesday, nothing but positivity has emitted from the club. The past three years that have destroyed the club are slowly being put to rest. 

CEO of Dunkin’ brands Nigel Travis purchased the East-London club last week. This signaled the end of Franceso Becchetti’s era at the club. The Italian businessman so nearly ran the club into the ground, as Orient went from the League 1 play-offs to Non-league football in just three years.

Life-long Leyton Orient fan Nigel Travis is determined to restore brighter days at London’s second oldest football club. News of his takeover was universally celebrated by Orient fans.

Now with the club under new ownership they shall be heading in a new direction. Travis has already been a busy man, as he has been recruiting in the past week.

The first appointment made by the club was Martin Ling who returned to the club as Director of Football. The former Orient player and manager is a familiar face around Brisbane Road. In addition to this Ling brings a ton of experience and a wealth of knowledge with him.

Ling guided the club to promotion to League 1 in 2006. He managed the O’s for six years, as well as spending four years of his playing career at the club.

Former Chief Executive Matt Porter also returned to the club. This time he has been appointed in a role with the Board of Directors at the club. Porter left the club three years ago, following Becchetti’s takeover.

Another familiar face returned to the club in the form of Barry Hearn. The promoter also left the club a few months ago, stepping down as Honorary President. His departure was cited as he had no desire to be affiliated with Becchetti. None the less Hearn returns in his former role at the club.

Also as of today the club announced their first summer signing. Former striker David Mooney was confirmed to have signed for the club once more. The Irish forward returns to the club for a second-spell, something that shall once more please O’s fans universally.

With familiar faces returning to the club, it would appear as if the essence of the O’s is being restored. While the club are still in search of a manager, they shall also be on the look for players. Brighter days are on the horizon for Leyton Orient.

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Ross Allen: Guernsey Goal Machine

Scoring goals in football can be referred to as an art form. While strikers love to score goals, they may not be the most attractive or artistic, as it is said “Art is whatever you want it to be”.

However on the Island of Guernsey, one Ross Allen of Guernsey Football Club literally scores when he wants.

Who Is Ross Allen?

Photo Credit: BBC Sport Online

While many if very few are familiar with Guernsey Football Club, allow me to introduce to you, your new footballing hero.

Guernsey FC striker Ross Allen is perhaps the definition of ‘Clinical’. The 30 year-old has become a silent footballing hero, especially within the realms of non-League football. In addition to this he is considered to be the best footballer to ever grace the Channel Island.

While you may be telling yourself ‘That’s not that hard’, I believe that there is more to be appreciated when it comes to Ross Allen’s achievements. Yes, he isn’t exactly Jamie Vardy but football should be celebrated globally, even on the Channel Island.

Now you are probably wondering; So, how many goals has he scored then? Well………

Goal-scoring Record

Photo Credit: BBC Sport Online

As of November 2016, Ross Allen had scored 224 goals in 203 games. Allen had began playing for Guernsey FC in 2011, the year the club was established. Not only was he shortlisted for Channel Island sport’s personality of the year, but he has been considered to be the best goalscorer in Muratti history.

In the club’s first ever professional season, Ross Allen would go on to score 46 goals, in the Ryman South Division. He has become a club legend, as well as becoming a universally accredited hero for non-league football fans.

The Channel Island’s prolific goalscorer then took a hiatus from football. In November 2016, Allen announced he was taking a sabbatical in order to go travelling. I know I would have been gutted to see him go.

Non-League Football Hero

Photo Credit: ITV

Ross Allen unquestionably holds a remarkable goalscoring record, one to which may be once in a lifetime in football. Regardless of the standard of football he plays within, no one can ever deny that he possesses a natural instinct in-front of goal.

He has become one of my footballing heroes, as I do like a good goalscorer. Ross Allen: I salute you mate!

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